There's no way around it: we're fully into Autumn now. Just like the other seasons, autumn comes with its own specific set of challenges for those with dry, sensitive or irritated skin. One of them being the fact that we spend more time inside and are more tempted to turn the heating on, which can cause serious flare-ups. One of the biggest challenges at this time tends to be bath time, which can be genuinely unpleasant for your little one; drying out already reddened, cracked skin and causing pain and discomfort. With that in mind, here are our best tips to make bath time as pleasant and as nourishing to your child’s skin as possible. They’ll also help you and your little one develop a routine, to make skincare a normal part of the bath time routine.

1. First things first – the water. You don’t want it too hot, or too cold. Aim for lukewarm, so that you can balance comfort in bath time with reduced temperatures that won’t dry out already damaged skin.

2. Use Bioskin Junior Bath Milk. Its unique anti-itch formula was specifically designed to be really soothing and soft on the skin, while moisturising and repairing the damage done by eczema and dry skin.

3. Make it fun! Get a collection of cool water-based toys together, and make sure they only come out at bath time. That way, your child will draw those connections with the fun of the toys and the process of bathing. Play games with them while washing, also, to keep them distracted while you focus on getting them clean and their skin hydrated.

4. Be patient and calm, if you can! If you stress, your child will pick up on it and that can ruin the fun of bath time, thus making it a harder and less attractive process next time.

5. If you want to use shampoo or shower gel, make sure you avoid synthetic ingredients, such as dyes or colourants, fragrances, parabens, or synthetic foaming agents, such as sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, which are known to cause skin irritation. Our Face & Body Wash and Shampoo are free from such ingredients, contain natural hydrating and moisturising elements instead.

6. Keep it brief if you can but leave products to soak in for a couple of minutes to give them time to work. However, if you bathe too long, it can end up drying skin out even more. There’s a fine balance to strike but, when you get it right, the rewards are worth it.

7. Instead of scrubbing and rubbing your child’s hair while drying off, which exacerbates flaking, gently pat their hair dry. Use an absorbent microfibre towel or muslin and gently pat to remove moisture without creating excess skin flakes.

8. Post-bath, to deal with dry and itchy scalps, apply our Daily Nourishing Spray directly onto the scalp. Part the hair, spray on and work through until you've treated all areas you wanted, reducing dandruff and irritation.

9. Don’t use a hot hair dryer. This has much the same effect as an excessively hot bath, drying out skin and causing it to flake and crack. Set your hair dryer to a cool and gentle air flow instead.

10. Dress the process up a bit. Every little one wants to be just like mummy or daddy, so make applying creams a part of bath time, under the guise of pampering or a “spa treatment.” By applying their skin treatment properly, they’ll be just like you!

These steps will help ease the strain of bathing your little rascal and make it so that any skin moisture lost in the shower is immediately replenished, keeping your child’s skin soft and topped up with vitamins and minerals. Make it a fun, relaxing experience for them and you might even enjoy it yourself! Hopefully, our products and tips can help you along the way.