It’s finally here, the time that many of us have been waiting for for so long: the summer holidays!

Packing for a summer holiday can be stressful enough at the best of times, but for those of us who suffer from eczema, travelling requires even more thought and care. That’s because travel takes you out of your home environment and routine, two things that are usually set up to minimise the risk of flare-ups as much as possible. Even just travelling to a different climate can be a shock to the system, not to mention the different foods, different activities and different habits that people have when going on holiday – all the things that make travel worthwhile!

So what do we suggest – skipping your summer trip to keep your skin in check? Absolutely not! A break can do wonders in terms of de-stressing your mind and body, and we feel like no one should let their skin condition stand in the way of enjoying the best things in life. So here are your top tips & essentials for taking care of your eczema-prone skin, whilst having an absolute blast of a summer trip!

  • First of all, and the most basic of basics – bring a reusable water bottle! Most places including airports have free water fountains these days, so you’re not only saving money and the environment, you’re also saving your skin.
  • Carry an (old-fashioned or USB-powered) hand fan to help keep you cool. Generally, avoiding extremes (very cold or very hot) is key for managing eczema, so a fan that can just take the edge off when you’re about to overheat is an absolute lifesaver!

  • A simple spray bottle filled with water can have a similar effect, although we only recommend spraying when you know your skin will air dry fairly quickly. That’s because damp skin can cause irritations in the heat. Also be wary of commercial ‘cooling mists,’ as they often contain many not-so-eczema-friendly ingredients. You could of course use our DermaSpray for a cooling AND hydrating spritz.

  • To stay with the theme of cooling down, be careful with air-conditioning – it may feel divine, but maybe avoid putting it on full blast and make sure you moisturise to counteract its dehydrating effects on your skin.

  • Whilst we encourage packing light, this definitely does not apply to skincare! Keep your skincare routine consistent by packing your daily essentials as well as any products you tend to use when your skin is playing up, just in case. You might find that your need for moisturising products goes up dramatically, so don’t be tempted by your almost-empties – these products are going to support you everywhere you go!

Take our travel friendly Salcura holiday essentials with you:

  • Bioskin DermaSpray Intensive (100ml) - perfect to cool, soothe and nourish your skin when it gets irritated due to heat, sweat or anything else. You can even pop this refreshing and moisturising body spray in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!
  • Bioskin DermaSerum (50ml) – all the goodness of our DermaSpray in a light serum formulation, which is especially designed for dry facial skin. This product is deeply moisturising but won’t leave you feeling sticky or oily in the heat!
  • Bioskin Zeoderm (50ml) – is your skin starting to feel a bit delicate? Use our Zeoderm to repair and protect any dry patches or areas that need a bit more care.

  • Daily Intensive Hand Cream (50ml) – keep this in your handbag to be able to quickly top up your hands when you need to. This hand cream is non-greasy and sinks in in no time – so no waiting around!

  • We really don’t recommend trying any new products when you’re away, so whilst cute bottles of hotel shower gel might be appealing, you’re better off bringing your own. If you’re not bringing checked in luggage, you can decant some of our Bioskin Face Wash into a travel bottle and use it for all your cleansing needs – face, body and hands!

  • Whilst some find their skin conditions improve when exposed to the sun, it’s important to protect yourself from some of its more damaging effects. Use eczema-friendly sunscreen and bring a hat as well as some loose clothing with long sleeves or legs to shield yourself when needed.

  • Double up on swimwear so you can get out of your wet costume as soon as possible, whilst still lounging in style. We would also recommend a change of clothes in your hand luggage if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the car or on a bus, train or plane – all to minimise discomfort and the growth of bacteria. Make sure you bring enough to change your clothes frequently, and if you are staying in a place where you can do your own washing, bring a small amount of laundry detergent that you know won’t aggravate your skin.

Those were our top tips for going on holiday with eczema, but we have forgotten the most important one:

Don’t let your skin define your summer and go make the most of this incredible time!